Thursday, 25 May 2017

Hard days matter.!

Being ruining::

We have been brought up into this world with so many aspirations and hope,someone feels in some part of their lifetime that they have been ruined in the crowd,ruined in every perspective of life, gradually losing the so called built by himself the capabilities that has no significance in a better doing. Life isn't easy to spend with just putting into the position of superiority and extra potential approach.

Certain odd days come into force where there is a need to put forward our own strength in the ongoing world of struggle,the one who can put himself ahead is the one who gets into such condition of smartness.Life isn't easy..we make it easy to go, without understanding exactly what it is about. Sometimes what I have been come across is demanding help from others,yes they provide us help mentally by giving relief or by making us realize that we keep inside sort of extraordinary talents it totally fades when we realize that we have no longer been adjusted to that ongoing flow of talent . World around is not going to care others, personally been doing so much of world exploration I have been firmly realizing the fact that, Even I don't stand in such a position to help others getting come out from terrorism in life. Yes we are falling behind in the crowd,the crowd has having enormous power and will , showing off is a necessary evil seriously!! What if the running on world crushes,such kind of feelings versus the effect of getting suppressed because of our own faults struggle enormously.We fight to struggle when we fall down and get squashed by their feet.

The self intro-inspection dies to a critical stage and we can't do with it anything so as to regain our feelings,it grows up suddenly higher ..leading to the steep falling gradually at another point,we can't take the direction of the curve.. linear with time. world cares for a smart individual ahead in every prospective of life, we don't explore our potential.we don't converge so many matters of discussion,feelings into a point,mind needs to be focused life isn't easy,Being a person on platform as assumed by our-self is not the eternity,its not the prime strata of life that we have been achieved,No-one has the true potential of judging a person far better than us.We fall behind,people come asking situations and  don't help,we have been fighting in the world why we should take the responsibility of helping others.saying ones problems to others isn't the ultimate answer and solution.Practically we need to approach to the point where we lack,if we lack in physical energy then ours interior feelings should be tolerable and have some sage in such a way that we fight with our deficiency.

We have been observed as a lame person with no abilities in us.yes we exist having no abilities.and far superior to this we know this to the extreme level than others.People have been engaged in their work environment and they make such a way for their future,what if for the sake of mental relief that sort of some people get destroyed at some stage,we fall behind in vast space without being able to fetch emotions from others,how long a person would help,how long material values will satisfy ,more than a material value self emotions and aspirations should be  fulfilled. yes I am dying of my emotions getting thrown personally by me and getting no such positive results.At some points we may be discarded having no material values and self emotions to fight,no economic boom in reference to boost the life,no such hands to be provided to us.We are not one among the few which has been provided up with short term labor cum maximum outputs, no-one feels the non-flowing tears and why they should.