Saturday, 8 July 2017


Dreaming of love??? Many "Yes" from different mouth..well its okay to hear such sound! Yes love or another sense feeling of attraction with attachment or attachment with attraction, guessed ?? Both were written in two different ways!! Never mind,sometimes attraction persuades love while sometimes attachment,In some cases attachment happens after attraction is being imposed in some manner!!

Lets start the journey where we hit such lovable emotions,what are the things that are being  loved the most in case of children or a newbie...her mother the first!! Here the love is unconditional, not racist,and natural, the horror or breakup and the criteria of mistrust doesn't happen.The unlimited kindness,affection,love,pamper boosts the loving senses in a baby,they feel safe and comfortable,a simple hug from the mother washes off a lot of pains very faster!

Who said the love remains constant,let's check.!

Growing children and their hormones fluctuation day by day don't keep them stable,the love is being snatched by the human made things which attract them the most,basically toys and dolls!! Toys entertain while dolls are the source of virtual emotional exchange with entertainment.
Children remain in the real world while their thoughts roam in virtual world, a kid can treat himself as a driver and can run a toy,while a girl kid as a mother while the doll in her hand as her kid,basically the word love is being distributed among several toys and dolls.

Love isn't stable

Growing age and development of secondary sexual characters and brain development , in fact these biological terms relate to real life in some ways which i am taking into consideration,The toy and the dolls in most of the cases are being vanished and it is replaced by PC GAMES AND SMARTPHONES,LAPTOPS,ELECTRONIC ENTERTAINMENT Gadgets,while complete entertainment such as indoor sports and girlish games with dance and etc keeps on taking a prime place in such ages,love word is being distributed into many pieces and are being grasped by complete family with whom they are attached!

Teens Tolerate Tension!
 Teenage are the certain age where loads of crushes,attractions,attachment,feelings,emotions everything are meant to replace the virtual toys,here the toy is the natural entity in which it breaks as well and gives the pain to the other player.! Difference is that a toy can be bought after use but the real human toy cant be bought by money!

A boy has been taught that once the toy is broken or damaged the same toy can't be be used again it can't be fixed,here in reality if the real human toy is broken it can't be fixed even if it fixes it wont get the genuine built up! When the other toy had been given to the boy he again damaged it ,it had been 2 years after when his parents bought so many toys and the boy damaged and get the new and finally he was used to it and lost interest in the toy and began to discover his new area of interest in wrestling,bey-blade,cricket or etc,with the passage of time same toy game happens in the life where the toy game is replaced by real human love game!! Its a game in reality!!

During teenage there is an exhibition of toys and in most of the cases it doesn't last longer. A newly gifted expensive gift which was the dream of Harsh  had been broken the first day he got in his hands,he had been in great trauma he had committed himself that he wont break the toy again after and finally he had been gifted a new one,but to the surprise he was missing terribly the same toy because that variant was the only one in the store which was his eye loving stuff ,in the reality once the trust is broken its very hard to generate the same trust even if there are so many proposals in the way!!  Children took a longer time to  understand that these toys(material values) can be achieved in a number of times if the platform of success is achieved! Loving a person and roaming around that age group is a stuff which most of the people of that age groups do,but that's for a short term enjoyment with long term disappointment.


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