Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Illusion and Action.

Why do we feel getting attached with someone? What's the need of developing superior feeling to the opposite? Relying on others for neutralizing the demand of our comfort either by mentally or romantically.The mostly observed trait is the rejection with the one who is being mostly connected with us.Few moment with the loved ones are superior and the emotions from inside blows out as a hurricane without blockage,without considering the adverse impacts thereafter.Human Psychology roams all around in the same jurisdiction of emotions.Imparting the beauty of the soul to the majority without being restricted to the one would be the great relaxation,which most of us generally forget during our loving times.

Reasons are mostly seen among us at some growing age that we tend to enclose the transparency with others which gradually lead to put our self into constrained environment,we normally loosen the connectivity with the world and slink with particular one to find emotional balance with the other. 

Emotions are due to hormones(chemical secretions in the blood stream),It is said that we are human because we have feelings,a non living object doesn't acquire this property,we may have feelings for a non living stuff as well and will they ever demand for hurting us..?                   "No",They won't.  At the stage when we are being loved,several hormones bring a dramatic change in our mood,likeness and hatred run one by one,both competes in order to compensate the loss of inhumanity trait.This is purely certain that we can't firmly fix into others emotions until we are familiar with the reality.Reality that one may change the mental decision easily without bringing any change in the involuntary part of the hormonal secretion.

A social animal "Human" is at destitution interlude stage,wanting for some other half to communicate,but meanwhile when the other half is being snatched away ,the emotional connectivity disrupts and mental hazards hit.

Depression at the instance bursts out the package of reality and we get to know later.Managing the harder time redirects us with the freakish time that we offered and did. Real maturity comes when we are aware of the impacts on us and society.

Loving the reality and progressing on the fact is the ultimate way that we usually miss and the wholesome of the past ruins the present and split us into parts. 

Congregating the parts together and building a concrete ,firm control on emotions,No one will ever be going to bring any nonsensical change in us.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Survival in life

A pillow crushed between chest and bed ,eye blurred and head pain due to unknown reasons,life in the world where the walls across are the evidences of the miseries that we feel deeply inside,observing the people that we have all around,the real pain is felt when we are sometimes been secluded and are made to realize the silence and the life.

Own build self esteem is valueless when capabilities do lack in us,among the crowd carrying abilities and labor with dedication..we slip backwards because of inner self-build abilities in our mind which is meaningless and absurd.

Love is powerful,it can ignite the feelings and can bring it in an achieved state,regardless of the fact where the love has been enforced.Love with inspiration and running towards abilities may be the one to prove it.

Stepping ahead in every aspects without building the basement is temporary,overthrown emotions with hollowness inside doesn't prove the success. "Success" is merely seven words but it might enlighten the darken soul of our life,for whom those who had brought themselves in the hurdles because of their success(which they never got again).Losers are those who fall behind without understanding what the success was meant for them. "Success" when is lost at one side is being uplifted on the other with the abilities that we acquire when we're in love(a vast term)( A dedication where heart and mind both loves to work simultaneously).

With the silent mind and the overthinking unstoppable brain,the thinking flow was going somewhere and  leading me to write about the wonderful  past that inspired me to write..but yes,the moment was not the same like before,discovering the life with potential in me was the love that I found besides her.