Saturday, 4 November 2017

Cultivating yourself is what "everyone needs"

Typically,the arrival of the weekend ,no sooner had the classes closed off than the guys make it easy to backpack and leave the hostel premises, we stand on a hope that we need to wait for more 2 days to make out fun as usual,the eccentric part approaches nearby as we tend to come closer to and the day soon arrives when the hope is proceeding to a turn where the converging lines(we meet eventually in such a sense) are not visible even after years of life.Days tend to approach closer and then we conclude that we are incognizant of enjoying every single moment in fun,we crave for others to get back into our life to lessen our peer pressures and make it easy to grow without emotional strains,thereby challenging our own self confidence which gets disrupted very soon. We spend a capacious time saying others that time has flown like a flash speed and the golden time vanishes.

Expectations and the need of connectivity never gets ended,things which give a sudden relief and comfort to us create the critical asymmetry and leads to drag ourselves in an unhygienic conditions .Time flies like anything and we don't find a limited time to isolate us for sometime and think cultivated about "What's going on ? and what would go on after some years ? Will the things remain as it is right now?or it may take a sharp turn! or will it stop moving a bit ahead or behind?Life is unpredictable but it may be molded only if we stick and configure it in our own dominion of productivity in an efficient way.People engage themselves in encounter/fight for developing an additional skills in them against the peer pressures and emotional dis-connectivity but they get failed ultimately and the obvious reason encloses in an ecosystem of unawareness in self psychology,how could one get connected to others if they are not connected to themselves first,a prevalent saying is common that "Love yourself first before someone else" but these terms are being accepted by many and implemented by few.

For some days i thought of imposing such a situation where i could easily reflect with others and it came up with this,Hope this makes sense toward positiveness.

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