Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Era of Valentine


As far as I can relate that the festival of loved ones should not be confined within the influence of opposite sex only, At least for the sake of humanity we should let this bond of feeling survive in an open sky and the moment it finds the usual place to strike upon  then it should happen, regardless of the mentality of being restricted to the opposite genders.

The union of abundant love in a day and making others feel about the specialty of the day is meaningless.Instead, one should shower the positive emotions everyday, so that it would cherish every next moment. The simple example is a tree which sheds numerous passersby after being irrigated by the people and nature everyday for so many past years.

The moment a person had been asked " What sort of gift did you offer to your Valentine? ",The reply came astonishingly : " I donated some amount out of my savings for the treatment of an anonymous kid who was suffering from a deadly disease". Once he gets his life back to normal after treatment I can never feel the same happiness from anything as compared to what goes right nowadays .

The age in which we belong to,we need someone to exist who would certainly stand before us to make us feel that they appear every time when we are sinking down, and their continuous presence is ultimate and long lasting.

So with these words I tried to convey something that might reach to many of you,Happy Valentine's day!

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