Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Street Lamp|

The Street Lamp|

Winds were terribly blowing, the circumstances were unhygienic to walk on the road in a heavy rainy day, and thunderstorms took a major role in adding to the problems, “Let me go inside and told him to stay there, opening the door of a Rolls Royce”, the man said to the driver.

This happens every day, and the driver was habituated to this ultimately .Why does a millionaire need to come here every day, no matter what the day is, how the day is?

Unfolded his pants to the top, took his branded polished shoes in his hands and made his own way walking on the road to inside. He sat down under a tree on the wet road, there was low light coming down from a street lamp located nearby the highly posh area of the city, he put his hands on the pocket and took out the old fashioned broken pen-and continuously admired its beauty in his mind, with tears  rolling down his face, the street lamp was the source of his success and the pen in his hands was his destiny to reach the apex, tried to feel strong out of his heart-breaking experiences and wiped the tears from his face-"Kaalu-Kaalu" was still entering his eardrums, those children of the posh families used to taunt him. He patted his stomach in surprise- all of a sudden while thinking deeply “It is full”, in those earlier days getting a meal was a challenge.

Many years passed, Now everything outside took a fast-fashioning change except that road, the street lamp and the grounded nature of the man. The boys who used to mock him never became a basis of forming any kind of stories, the difference was-"Those child born in the posh families, having lots of food items in their stock,  crores of bank balance in their parent's account, a marvelous bungalow in the highly posh areas of the city and the man on the road had nothing – except the pen-which he took from trash, and the “The Street Lamp".

Amazed by the beauty of his soul, “The driver lost his patience to hide his overflowing curious to know the secret and one day asked the owner, Why do you every day go there all alone,Sir?May I get to know this?
The man replied-"I meet my success every day after sitting down under the tree and feeling the enclosure inside the brightness of the STREET LAMP.

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